Gamification in Change Management processes


What follows is the abstract fro a Bachelor Thesis by Raphael Schönen

A while back he interviewed me and a few other gamification experts to help with his theses. If you want to find out more, please contact him at [email protected]

This bachelor thesis is an initial scientific attempt to determine the relevance and implications of Gamification in the Change Management context. Special focus lies on answering the leading question whether and when Gamification can be used as a tool for Change Management. Therefore practical guidance is provided for companies which aim to apply Gamification in the Change Management context.

The theoretical framework of this paper is based on a combination of literature review and the analysis of expert interviews. A qualitative approach was chosen because it can provide a new way to acquire deep understanding about the phenomenon studied.

The main contribution is an empirically justified framework, which gives guidance on when to use Gamification in the Change Management context. Gamification is a possible means to motivate people in a transformation. Therefore the decision whether Gamification is an appropriate tool in a specific change, is made during the development of the communication strategy.

To give some further guidance whether Gamification should be part of the communication strategy, a Gamification decision model was designed. The Game/No-Game Decision is taken in five consecutive decision levels.

The framework as well as the decision tree model were validated by applying all relevant elements to a pilot study which was performed on behalf of the consulting company CGI in an international IT integration program.

Gamification is a proper tool for Change Management as far as the target process is fulfilling the relevant criteria. The necessary analysis has to be performed while developing the communication strategy. Thus, an early involvement of key stakeholders and their motivational engagement in the process can be guaranteed.

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