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Iron Galaxy’s lessons learned on the path to Killer Instinct -

Iron Galaxy is tough to pin down. The Chicago-based studio got its start in 2008 as a tech shop and development gun-for-hire, helping publishers and studios ship their games on new platforms — or just ship them period. In the years since, it’s worked on everything from original IP (Wreckateer) to co-development deals (Divekick) and […]

Codarica: Fun Coding Games to Teach Children as Young as 6 to Code

Coding is a highly useful skill that every child must have. It develops vital 21st century skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, creativity, etc. Plus, it is absolute fun and encourages kids to become architects, not just users, of the technology. Bill Gates once said, “Learning to write programs stretches your mind and helps you […]

We’re All Using Different Definitions Of Community, Here Are The Differences

There is a lot of advice about building communities online. Much of it won’t apply to you because you use a different definition of community than the person giving the advice. As community professionals, we tend hold many different definitions which broadly fall under three distinct categories. These are: 1) The Common Interest Definition The […]

Why Your Brain Loves Good Storytelling

It is quiet and dark. The theater is hushed. James Bond skirts along the edge of a building as his enemy takes aim. Here in the audience, heart rates increase and palms sweat. I know this to be true because instead of enjoying the movie myself, I am measuring the brain activity of a dozen […]

How big data and ‘Internet of Things’ is helping manufacturing sector – The Economic Times

By Satish N Jadhav, Director – IoT – Embedded Sales Group, Intel South AsiaBig Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the world around us – from the medical care we receive to the way retailers market to us – but how is the manufacturing industry benefitting from it? Large manufacturers have been […]

8 tips for writing open source web apps that anyone can use

10 min read I’ve spent my career writing open source web applications that are designed to be used by non-technical users. Elgg was a social networking platform that was described at the time as “MySpace in a box”. Known is a web platform that allows you to share and communicate from your own domain as […]

Social media usage leads to increase in jobs in original content production – report

Good news for job-seekers looking into online freelancing and working in social media for a living. Jobs demanding original content production have increased alongside the usage of social media sites, online job site revealed in their quarterly Fast 50 list. The report charted the top 50 fastest-growing job types or movements in the online […]

Use Your Phone or Tablet in Bed Without Wrecking Your Sleep

You’ve probably heard before that the blue light from your digital devices can interrupt your sleep if you use them too close to bedtime, sapping your productivity the next day. Good news: Research shows a way you might be able to get away with using your phone or tablet in bed without affecting your sleep. […]