Agile Gamification – Scrum Alliance

Introduction Agile is about change. Changing the way we work, the way we build, the way we negotiate. It is about changing the way we change and being prepared for it. Agile gives us many opportunities to improve and challenges to overcome. If you are an agilist, you may be facing some difficulties, including: Adoption […]

The 15 types of characters you meet in every RPG

Heroes that insist on doing everything on their own must be socially inept, trying to compensate for their insecurities, suffer from horrendous body odor, or all of the above. Saving the world isn’t something you do by yourself–you need allies at your side to give you support and cover your six when you’re going up […]

High Definition: The ‘Gamification’ of the Office Approaches

Jan. 12, 2014 4:07 p.m. ET Is your job a game? Should it be? Imagine if at the office you were made to feel like you were playing “Candy Crush Saga.” Envision that every one of your professional endeavors was meticulously tracked and measured in points, that there were levels to complete and you were […]

Leaderboarded – Event Tech of the week

Leaderboarded the gamification specialists and their new “Event Ambassador” program provide an excellent vehicle for rounding up those people who are keen to support your event by spreading the social media buzz. To show exactly how flexible these leaderboards are we thought it would be a cool idea to ask Leaderboarded to do a board […]

Try Gamification as Part of Your Marketing Strategy, Connor Kinnear

Gamification is becoming more and more used in the business world. I do not think it ‘s a very good word but the concept is. It’s been around for a long time especially around consumer goods but now it has been used by more and more businesses across many business types and sectors. I have […]

Gamification Mechanic Monday: Relative Leaderboard

Share Gamification Mechanic Monday: Relative leaderboard Leaderboards have been one of the prime examples of gamification and in some situations it is the only game element applied to measure engagement or specific activities. A relative leaderboard only shows a number of people above you and below you based on your ranking. So your position on […]

It Takes Two To Tango: Mobile Engagement Needs User Experience And Context

The growing affordability of smartphones and increasing ubiquity of high-speed wireless broadband are driving customers toward a mobile mind shift: the expectation that any desired information is available, on any device, in context, in a person’s moment of need. Firms in Asia Pacific in general and India in particular have become cognizant of this fact; […]

Enterprise Social Adoption Is Growing

Posted June 6, 2014 By Ann All Feedback While enterprise social networks do not have nearly as many users as Facebook or Twitter, experts say adoption is growing at a healthy clip. Adoption of business technology is often slower than expected. That’s been the case for enterprise social networking, which vendors have been pushing for […]