Behavior In Business: 8 Human Insights Leaders Should Know

Written by Jacob Shriar It’s impossible to be in the business world each day and not feel psychology at work. Each of us brings our human nature to a job — regardless of our title, expertise or organizational setting. Leaders who value the psychological aspects of work life are much more likely to gain trust […]

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07/31/2014 “C’mon Lisa, you can do this.” I repeat this mantra to myself whenever I get stuck on a problem. While saying this in the middle of my neighborhood coffee shop may make me look like a crazy person, a new study from the University of Illinois, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology… […]

Part 1: What makes teams successful?

I have uncovered several new research papers on team success, so I will be writing a short series exploring the topic. In a paper released this month, Michael Klug and James Bagrow of the University of Vermont took a deep mathematical dive into Github data looking for the magic that makes teams successful. This is […]

Students use technology to create music and games

Caroline Elswick had a goal to learn how to play “Happy Birthday” on the guitar by today. However, the Myrtle Beach Middle schooler’s guitar is not the wood and string version people expect. She created a “guitar” using a piece of paper, graphite from a pencil, electric current and a computer as part of the […]

Gamasutra: Tom Matcham’s Blog – Big Data, Big Problems: A Mathematician’s Take on the Current State of Game Analytics

Big Data, Big Problems: A Mathematician’s Take on the Current State of Game Analytics The following blog post, unless otherwise noted, was written by a member of Gamasutra’s community.The thoughts and opinions expressed are those of the writer and not Gamasutra or its parent company. 90% Of The Way There? A phrase I come across […]

Tips for Measuring and Improving Employee Engagement

Full-time employees spend a large part of their day and the majority of their lives in the workplace, and how they feel about their work is important to them. In a recent Gallup survey, 63 percent of American workers are not engaged in their work, while another 24 percent are “actively disengaged.” Disengaged workers are […]

Brainstorming Doesn’t Work; Try This Technique Instead | Fast Company

Brainstorming, in its current form and by many metrics, doesn’t work as well as the frequency of “team brainstorming meetings” would suggests it does. Early ideas tend to have disproportionate influence over the rest of the conversation. Sharing ideas in groups isn’t the problem, it’s the “out-loud” part that, ironically, leads to groupthink, instead of […]

10 Tips for Mastering LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network for the professional crowd. It can be a fantastic resource for networking, hiring or finding a job, gathering sales leads, staying up-to-date on industry news and participating in the conversation. But for entrepreneurs who are just starting up, or perhaps less social-media savvy than others, making the most of LinkedIn […]

The Psychologist’s View of UX Design

A psychologist by training and education, Dr. Susan Weinschenk takes research and knowledge about the brain, the visual system, memory, and motivation and extrapolate UX design principles from that. This article is a snapshot of the psychologist’s view of UX Design and describes the following: People Don’t Want to Work or Think More Than They […]