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Brainstorming Doesn’t Work; Try This Technique Instead | Fast Company

Brainstorming, in its current form and by many metrics, doesn’t work as well as the frequency of “team brainstorming meetings” would suggests it does. Early ideas tend to have disproportionate influence over the rest of the conversation. Sharing ideas in groups isn’t the problem, it’s the “out-loud” part that, ironically, leads to groupthink, instead of […]

10 Tips for Mastering LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social network for the professional crowd. It can be a fantastic resource for networking, hiring or finding a job, gathering sales leads, staying up-to-date on industry news and participating in the conversation. But for entrepreneurs who are just starting up, or perhaps less social-media savvy than others, making the most of LinkedIn […]

The Psychologist’s View of UX Design

A psychologist by training and education, Dr. Susan Weinschenk takes research and knowledge about the brain, the visual system, memory, and motivation and extrapolate UX design principles from that. This article is a snapshot of the psychologist’s view of UX Design and describes the following: People Don’t Want to Work or Think More Than They […]

The Road To Resilience

Information contained in this brochure should not be used as a substitute for professional health and mental health care or consultation. Individuals who believe they may need or benefit from care should consult a psychologist or other licensed health/mental health professional. Acknowledgments: APA gratefully acknowledges the following contributors to this publication: Lillian Comas-Diaz, PhD, Director, […]

Group Peer Evaluation Presentation Template

ChapterGroup 1 team nameGroup 2 team nameGroup 3 team nameGroup 4 team nameGroup 5 team nameGroup 6 team nameGroup 7 team nameVideo LinkSIDFirst NameLast NameEmail AddressTeam AssessmentPUT YOUR SID belowFill in your First NameFill in your Last NamePut your whole email addressLeave blankFill in your First Name Fill in your Last Name, Click Here to […]

Using Gamification to Create AWESOME Presentations 07/26 by Gamification Talk Radio

Hosted by Monica Cornetti – Rated #2 Gamification Guru in the world by UK based Leaderboarded The key to delivering effective Gamified training is in the design of the activities you use throughout the session. The right ingredients mixed into your learning activities should allow the participants to acquire knowledge and skill, rather than merely […]

Mastertronic and Ukie Chair on the importance of mentoring within the games sector

Moving from mentee to mentor I was lucky enough to have a couple of mentors in my career in games, and I found it amazingly helpful and inspiring. Back in the day, this mentoring was less formal than the schemes that are in place today, but nonetheless it really helped me and I believe it […]

Dear Foursquare — Medium

Oh, Foursquare. We’re breaking up. It’s not me. It’s you. I know this may come as something as a surprise; after all I’ve known you longer than I’ve known my wife and been with you more places. I’ve paid extravagant international data plans simply for the pleasure of checking in somewhere. I’ve used you in […]

IBM Design blog

A discovery IBM’s CEO at the time, Thomas J. Watson, Jr., uttered these famous words while speaking at the University of Pennsylvania in 1973, and designers of all stripes, from all over the world, still invoke them today. As it turns out, this phrase was in use in IBM at least seven years before it […]

Ingress turns the city into a playground

Ingress turns the city into a playground This article is part of a collaboration with  iQ by Intel . The relationship between Ingress , a mobile game from Google, and cities reminds me a lot of the relationship between skateboarding and cities. If a police officer saw you playing Ingress he’d might get suspicious and […]