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Ubiquity of Social Media to Drive the Global Gamification Market from 2014 to 2018: -

TechNavio projects the Global Gamification Market to grow at a CAGR of 68.4 percent from 2013-2018. London, United Kingdom, October 02, 2014 –(– TechNavio, a global tech-focused research firm has announced the publication of its market research report on the Global Gamification Market 2014-2018. About Gamification Gamification is the process of implementing game mechanics into […]

Dames Making Games: Intro to Programming -

You don’t need to learn a specific programming language to make a game with many freely available tools, but understanding the underlying concepts – from if/else statements to booleans – can make designing your game much easier. We’ll cover core concepts, talk about how different tools implement them, learn how to think like a programmer, […]

deMotivation: An Indie Game Developer’s Worst Nightmare -

It has the power to suck us developers in, bleed us dry and refuse to spit us out. If we let it of course. Side effects include: excessive sleeping, procrastination, moodiness, depression, anxiety, lack of enthusiasm, nausea. Basically the opposite of getting #%$! done. Each day you look round the internet, or hear of everyone […]

Leading and Learning for a Successful Digital Transformation

Education, like so many other aspects of our society, has been undergoing a digital transformation. Accepting this reality is inevitable. Embracing it would be wise. But my district has chosen to go a step beyond that as we strive to lead the transformation. Digital transformation in Vancouver Public Schools (VPS) began with our second-generation strategic […]

Building a gamification model -

“All developers builds apps because their sole objective is to make revenue from download numbers.” Not true. There are different types of developers who each have their own goals and are motivated through different means. For example, ‘Fred’, your hobbyist developer, builds apps in his spare time mostly because he enjoys it and likes to […]

‘s beast of a smartwatch makes calls and more without needing a phone

In 2008, in conjunction with Barack Obama’s presidential campaign, was featured on the album, Change is Now: Renewing America’s Promise. “Yes We Can”, the album’s first single, was written primarily using excerpts from Obama’s speeches. The video for the single was seen by 3MM YouTube viewers within a week of its release (and 7MM+ […]