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How to Overcome Resistance to Starting New Habits — Better Humans — Medium

The Zeigarnik Effect: How to Overcome Resistance to Starting New Habits In 1927, a class of university students and their professor visited a restaurant in Berlin, Germany. [1] The waiter took their orders, including special requests, but refrained from writing them down. This isn’t going to end well, they all thought. But, after a short […]

Social connections matter more than wealth—and your brain knows it – Quartz

Matt Lieberman, a distinguished social psychologist and neuroscientist, basically won the lottery. This past summer, he was offered three million dollars for an academic position—one million in raw income and two to do lab research. That’s a king’s ransom for a psychology professor. On average, psychology professors make less than six figures and rely on […]

Jennie Faber explains how DMG (Dames Making Games) aims to make game creation more -

Dames Making Games (DMG) is an incubator program for game development in Toronto. Co-founder Jennie Faber talked to Post Arcade and explained what DMG does. What is Dames Making Games? What is the mission statement? Dames Making Games is a Toronto-based not-for-profit organization that provides free events, workshops, resources and services to women/trans*/queer folks interested […]

Classroom Catalysts: Inventive Teachers Ignite Self-Guided Learning

You’ve heard the old chestnut: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” It’s catchy, but like so many popular notions about teaching and learning, it’s wrong. The best teachers are also doers, and they help their students become doers, too. Most teachers bring a wealth of practical experience with them to the classroom, serving […]